søndag den 31. maj 2009

The RozTracker - Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

Jeg bliver helt øm i armene (og resten af kroppen) bare ved tanken ...

You really gotta like rowing and being alone by yourself ... Though girl!


Roz Tracker

The RozTracker is an interactive map that you can use to track Roz's progress across the Pacific, and see exactly where she was when she posted updates to Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and iTunes. It takes data from Roz's Solara Field Tracker GPS system and links it to her postings to show the trail of rich social media content she leaves as she rows across the ocean. Click on the Roz icon to see how fast Roz has been rowing, how far she's gone, and how close she is to various islands around the Pacific Ocean. The Graphs button allows you to display various parameters and choose a date range so you can evaluate Roz's voyage statistics. The Journal button shows a news feed of all Roz's social media postings in date order. The RozTracker uses Google Maps and was developed byArchinoetics based on technology it developed for Project Niu, a K-12 education program to teach students about ocean science, technology, and stewardship. [...]

Source: Microformats.dk by Søren Johannesen

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