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BCS HyperPic.Mobile GIS Photo Inspection and Management Solution

Billeder taget på et givent sted er nok noget af det mest informationsrige man kan tilføje sine data. Hvordan så det ud der hvor man gravede for 5 år siden? Hvilken pumpetype blev anvendt under dækslerne? Hvor stod den gamle lysmast?
I mit indlæg ved Powel stormødet i år snakkede jeg om brugen af fotos sammen med de tekniske kort ( - Starter på slide 104).
Den helt store udfordring er at få vist billederne augmented så de smelter tilbage ind i virkeligheden ...

Photos taken on a given spot may be one of the most information rich medias you can use and add to your conventionel data. What did it look like 5 feet down 5 years ago? What kind of pumps were used under those heavy well covers? And where did that old light pole stand 30 something years ago?
The biggest challenge here is to merge these augmented data back into reality ...


GeoMobile, in partnership with Bradshaw Consulting Services, is the exclusive western United States reseller of BCS’ HyperPic.Mobile, an easy-to-use solution that streamlines data collection and photo management. Designed to tightly integrate with your existing GIS infrastructure, HyperPic can add multiple photos to both new and existing features and is compatible with most cameras.

The release of HyperPic.MOBILE provides an easy-to-use solution for emergency response departments, city and county governments, utility providers, military groups, oil and gas companies, and other organizations utilizing photos to supplement their GIS data. With HyperPic.MOBILE, which is an extension to ESRI's ArcPadr software, field workers can take multiple photos using any digital camera, and with the click of a button link the photos with related GIS data on any mobile device with a Windows Mobiler operating system. Back in the office, the images can also be linked with the corresponding data in the enterprise GIS with the click of a button.

"We work with customers in all types of industries, all around the world, and the one thing they all had in common was the need for a better way to collect and manage photos in the GIS," said Christopher Bradshaw, mobile technologies manager at Bradshaw Consulting Services. "With HyperPic.MOBILE, field workers can attach a virtually unlimited number of photos to field data, which gives managers even greater visibility into new and existing features. The software is easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use, and it's already making our early adopters' GIS data more useful."

HyperPic.MOBILE features enable users to add or remove photos in ArcGISr Desktop as well as add or view photos in ArcPad. Users will also be able to utilize ArcGISr Mobile in the near future. The software also includes a built-in photo viewer for ArcGIS Desktop. For more information, please visit

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