mandag den 20. juli 2009

Putting Craft Beer on the Map

Er der nogen som har en 20 liters gryde til salg?

Beer, beer and more beer ...


Welcome to PubQuest 2.0!
New and improved searching!
New info on Events, Merchandise and Membership!
And lots more!

Do you know where all your local beer is brewed and served?
Have you traveled around the country and thirsted for a local beer?
Where do you turn when you are on a quest for an excellent craft brew?

PubQuest is the result of three people who share a passion for good beer and travel. When we think of "good beer," our instincts and experience often send us to a craft brewery or brewpub. As we've traveled around the country over the years, we continually search out these local establishments. Although there are several great websites for identifying craft breweries and brewpubs, none puts all the places in one city on one map. Hence, the need for PubQuest!

Special thanks go out to the numerous friends who have given us great ideas and been dragged to brewpubs in cities small and large. This endeavor would have never happened without you!

Welcome to PubQuest...

Julie, Dave & Rob

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