fredag den 31. juli 2009

MooTools Tutorials and Resources Round-Up

Lyder spændende og et godt initiativ ... JavaScript er den der bandit i klassen som endte med at blive succesfuld i sit voksenliv ... Det ændrer ikke ved at der stadig er en lille røver indeni ...

Good initiative ... JavaScript was the odd one out in little school and ended up as a succes when growing up ... There is never the less still a little rebel hidden inside ...


One of the core principles of MooTools is to provide a better application programming interface for JavaScript developers, making the language better by extending its native elements and providing more concise object oriented utilities.

As a consequence of that, some people may be inclined to think that MooTools treats browser scripting as a less important feature. Indeed, MooTools is not a DOM scripting toolkit, but the whole purpose of making JavaScript better is that developers have a more solid base over which to create readable, robust, reusable browser scripting libraries. [...]

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