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FortiusOne Releases Open Source Geocoder. Is Geocoding Becoming a Commodity?

Alt har en geografisk reference eller rettere alt kan tilføjes en geografisk reference ... Det bør derfor også være naturligt at alle kan aflæse denne, men vigtigere endnu er det at alle også kan angive den ...

Everything have a geographic reference or rather everything can have a geographic reference added ... It is obviously natural that everybodu should be able to read and use geographically added references but even more important is it that everybody ought to be able to add these themselves ...


Developers working with geo mashups should take note: geospatial startup FortiusOne has said that “geocoding should be a commodity” and has announced that it has released a new open source geocoder. If you’re not familiar with geocoding, it is the process of assigning geographic coordinates to a location (typically an address or place name).

Andrew Turner, FortiusOne’s CTO and co-founder of Mapufacture (which was acquired by FortiusOne), announced the release of the new geocoder at the State of the Map Conferencein Amsterdam. According to Andrew:

The geocoder was built as part of our FGDC CAP Grant to help GeoEnable Government Tabular Data and utilizes the free and open TIGER/Line street data as well as various address parsing and metaphone components for US level address parsing. Also, not everyone can call to a web-service, abide by the terms of service, or be limited by the speed and amount of geocoding queries.

The geocoder was developed in close collaboration with Schuyler Erle, one of the developers that worked on geocoder.us (our geocoder.us API Profile), another open source geocoder (the FortiusOne geocoder is partly based on geocoder.us). [...]

Read more: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2009/07/21/fortiusone-releases-open-source-geocoder-is-geocoding-becoming-a-commodity/

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