fredag den 31. juli 2009

ESRI Users Can Now Leverage their 2D Data in 3D with FME

Safesoft, den moderne tids Babelfisk ...

SafeSoft - the Babelfish of the modern world ...


Safe Software announced today that FME, the leading spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) solution, now enables ESRI users to leverage their 2D Data in 3D within their existing ESRI ArcGIS environment. FME's data transformation capabilities along with its support for over 225 formats, including many popular 3D formats, ensure that ESRI users can access the data they need and make use of it for innovative 3D applications.

FME's transformation capabilities and 3D support make it possible to take 2D data with an implied 3D aspect and turn it into true, 3D data for visualization in ArcGIS 9.3. Soon, organizations will also be able to use it with the 3D editing and routing tools that ESRI announced will be available in ArcGIS 9.4. FME also extends the format support of ESRI ArcGIS, enabling users to directly integrate their true 3D information with other data for the most complete situational overview possible to date. [...]

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