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Traffic in the Cloud, powered by Bing Maps Silverlight and DeepEarth

Flot, men hvad er meningen med dette? Fordi det kan lade sig gøre ... ?

Nice one! Mastering the technologies ...


Why run in Azure, couldn’t this just be hosted anywhere?

In short no, this application has the potential to scale to host every public webcam in the world, or it could go nowhere. Only a cloud solution that has the ability to scale beyond the limits of a single server and even a single web farm while only requiring you to consume what you now can allow this. The components of the application are:

  • Silverlight UI. This file is downloaded and executed on the client allowing the rich interactivity to scale beyond the limits of the hosting server.
  • Bing Maps for Enterprise serves the map data from its Content Delivery Network around the globe giving you the best imagery and experience with no impact on the hosting server.
  • The WCF service providing the locations and metadata of the camera is hosted in an Azure Web Role with no state, we can add as many of these roles as we need.
  • The webcam images themselves are polled once and cached as a sprite image in Azure Blob storage allowing us to directly reference the images on the web.
  • The webcam metadata is stored in an Azure Table, one camera per row.
  • The polling service is an Azure Worker Role and this is where the smart part of this application lies. Again we can add as many workers as we need.

Read more: http://www.soulsolutions.com.au/Blog/tabid/73/EntryId/615/Traffic-in-the-Cloud-powered-by-Bing-Maps-Silverlight-and-DeepEarth.aspx

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