fredag den 31. juli 2009

Eye-Fi Explore Wi-Fi Wireless 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-2EX

En kollega fortalte om dette kort for et års tid siden ... nu er det altså i handlen for $81,57 ... 2Gb til den pris så er det jo godt at det kan 'tømmes' løbende ...

A colleague of mine told me about this about a year ago ... and now you can get one for $81.57 ... 2Gb at that price ... You sure need to get rid of data while on the run ...


by Chad

[...] So, with this card, if you are near your home network.. or any open network, you can wirelessly transfer your images to your home computer as you take them. [...]

Using its built-in Wi-Fi, the Eye-Fi Card locates any surrounding Wi-Fi networks as you take pictures. Then, the Eye-Fi Service translates that data into geographic location and adds the information to each picture.

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  1. har 4gb+wifi SD kort til $79.99