torsdag den 30. juli 2009

How to map out a new role for yourself as a cartographer

Har du prøvet at sammensætte et kort fra bunden så ved du hvor svært det er at lave et kort som både er informativt, læsbart og pænt ... i alle zoom niveauer ...

Have you tried just once to make a map from scratch you'll know how hard it is to make it informative, readable, and nice ... at all zoom levels ...


If you like geography, are good on detail and have ace computer skills, you should consider a career as a cartographer.

By Caroline Roberts

You might be forgiven for thinking that most of the world has been mapped by now. But, because of the constantly changing landscape and the growing amount of information about the earth available through technological advances, there's still a need for skilled cartographers to sift the data and turn it into something meaningful for the rest of us.

"Cartography involves assessing and amalgamating bits of geographic information and presenting them in a map form that's relevant for a particular user," says Mick Ashworth, a former editor of The Times Atlas Of The World who now runs his own company, Ashworth Maps and Interpretation. This can mean producing anything from maps to keep ramblers on track to surveys for oil and gas exploration.

It's a diverse field. There are opportunities in mapping agencies such as the Ordnance Survey, national and local government departments, and in industries such as utilities, and commercial map publishers. Britain also has some important map collections, and cartographers can choose to specialise in historical maps. [...]

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