tirsdag den 14. juli 2009

ESRI UC Plenary Thoughts





The plenary can probably be best broken into 3 themes: what we're doing with GIS, what has been released, and what's coming in the future. [...]

By the same token, the ArcGIS Explorer portion was a major presentation- the 900 release is presumed to be in a 'few weeks' and the Explorer client is being placed as the desktop consumer client when an application running on a local computer is needed. [...]

The 9.4 presentation was the natural 'wow' factor. ESRI really is spending a lot of resources into both the Desktop and Server products; the Desktop client in particular is getting a much-neede overhaul (I'd argue that overhaul came for Server at 9.3 with the REST/JavaScript/Flex/Silverlight setup). [...]

Editing is also getting improved through refinements and focusing. We can intelligently construct frameworks around editing to ensure that we put in the stuff that needs manual input and let the computer handle the rest; both on the Desktop and in the many Server configurations. [...]

The final new area was the support for increasingly complex forms of data. 3-D features will be much easier to work with and do analysis on (the distance-dependent rendering quality will make it much easier to to deal with complex scenes), and the instant importing/locating of multi-patches (such as imported Sketchup models) will be a great help for anybody who deals with the architectural realm- Sketchup doesn't make it easy to deal with a coordinate system, so having an easy way to place those models is nice. [...]

Certainly, the presentation left as many questions as answers. The big ones in my mind is, of course, the timetable for 9.4. [...]

Read more: http://www.tedrick.org/blog/2009/07/esri-uc-plenary-thoughts.html

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