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Map2PDF : Printing web maps to PDF

Så mangler vi bare en signaturforklaring, målfast plot, printhoved, logo, osv ...

And a legend?


A lot of people have been wanting to print web maps authored with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. There have also been numerous requests for the ability to print web maps as a PDF. This is a simple RESTful service called Map2PDF, that exposes the ability to print web maps as PDF. Check out this sample, that uses the Map2PDF RESTful web service.

There is support for Tiled Map services, Dynamic Map Services as well as Graphic Features (limited support). The sample also includes a PrintMap.js script, that helps developers serialize the 'map state' in a format that the Map2PDF service expects.

The web service uses the Java Advanced Imaging API for mosaicing and overlay of images. Graphic Features are rendered on the server side using java.awt.Graphics2D. The iText PDF engine is to generate the PDF's.

For more help on how to effectively use Map2PDF check out the API
documentation and the services directory page.

If you want to deploy the application on your own Servlet container, you can download the web archive.

Additional instructions included in README.txt to help deploying this application on a web server.

Date Submitted07-07-2009
Date Last Updated07-27-2009
Product/VersionArcGIS Server 9.3.1
License TypeESRI Attribution and License Agreement
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Read more: http://resources.esri.com/arcgisserver/apis/javascript/arcgis/index.cfm?fa=codeGalleryDetails&scriptID=16432

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