fredag den 24. juli 2009

The Shape of the World

Kortlægningen af jorden er en fantastisk historie ...

Mapping the world is a great tale ...


Product Description

The epic tale of mapping the globe

As seen on PBS

"Explores the history of mapmaking with elegance and intelligence" --The New York Times

How do we see the world? Some ancients believed it rode on the back of a turtle. The Greeks viewed it as a sphere and measured it with astonishing accuracy. Today, scientists monitor it from space, detecting complex climate patterns that threaten our survival.

Narrated by Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation), this fascinating six-part series traces the history of mapmaking from crude clay tablets to sophisticated electronic screens. Internationally respected historians, NASA scientists, and other experts explain how humans rely on imagination, observation, and mathematics to create pictures that make sense of our world. Throughout history, maps have served as symbols of wealth and power, tools of conquest and subjugation, and instruments for saving lives. They once held information worth killing for, and now they offer clues that might avert global destruction.

Award-winning actor Patrick Stewart narrates this acclaimed series, produced in consultation with the British Library and Royal Geographical Society--the world’s largest scholarly organization dedicated to the science of geography.


  • 20-page viewer’s guide includes highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning, "Tools of the Mapmaker’s Trade," "The Math Behind a Map," and "Myths on Maps."
  • "The Chartbusters": pioneers in cartography
  • Text interview with Patrick Stewart
  • Biographies of Stewart and series editor Simon Berthon
  • Exclusive web extras


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