onsdag den 22. juli 2009

Could Popfly's pop out be game over for Microsoft?

Personligt var jeg ked af at se Popfly forsvinde ud i glemslen ... Dog var det mest GUI som jeg savner ... Platformen nåede aldrig rigtig ud over rampen og uden varm luft stiger intet luftskib til himlen ... Om dette er endnu et eksempel på at Microsoft mangler evnerne og musklerne til at skubbe varerne over disken skal være usagt ... Det er dog ikke første gang at man er begyndt at snedkerere på kisten til den store smølf ...

Personally I mouned the disappearence of Popfly ... And yet when I think back I mostly liked the GUI part of it ... Content is king and it really never made ... Without hot air no zeppeliner is gonna (pop)fly ... If this is THE example showing how Microsoft seems to run out of hot air is hard to tell ... Do remember it is not the first time people have started building the coffin in which to bury the big blue ...


Joe Wilcox

There's a strange foreshadowing in Microsoft naming its social mashup service Popfly. In baseball, pop fly is a ball hit straight up that comes straight down, usually into the catcher's mitt and to an out. Popfly is out, with Microsoft's decision to close down the service on August 24th. [...]

IBM followed a similar path in the 1980s, seeking to preserve its applications stack around the mainframe. While Big Blue released a PC, the company made protecting its legacy business priority. IBM and its mainframe business didn't go away, but its relevance diminished before a new applications stack. Microsoft faces similar challenge before the mobile-to-cloud applications stack.

Popfly is just the latest casualty of a status quo-preserving strategy that primes Microsoft to become the IBM of the 2010s -- unless there is a dramatic course correction.

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