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#ESRIUC Day One Tidbits

Endnu et referat fra førstedagen ...

Yet another briefing from day one at the ESRI User Conference ...


Bernie Szukalski demoed ArcGIS Explorer 900 (coming soon) and showed off how it is GIS for Everyone, which interestingly, was the slogan for ArcView back in the day.

When Jack Dangermond asked how many attendees were using ArcGIS Explorer, very few raised their hands. I wonder when it will take off? The latest version with presentation support may pick up some new users including those who present GIS data and educators.

The next version of ArcGIS will be 9.4. ESRI pondered calling it 10, but decided to hold back to 9.4 to highlight quality and stability, and I think, manage expectations. I hope it works for both ESRI and users.

One of John Calkins top 9 enhancements in ArcGIS 9.4 is dockable, hideable windows for things like Catalog and the table of contents. That means there's more space for the map! That, per
research done by Muki Haklay, should mean higher productivity. His work noted that ESRI users typically have less map real estate compared to other desktop GIS users. [...]

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