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Der er sket meget siden Sputnik ...

A lot has happened since Sputnik ...


By: Shawn Gano

JSatTrak is a Satellite tracking program written in Java. It allows you to predict the position of any satellite in real time or in the past or future. It uses advanced SGP4/SDP4 algorithms developed by NASA/NORAD or customizable high precision solvers to propagate satellite orbits. The program also allows for easy updating of current satellite tracking data via Because this application was written in Java, it should run on almost any operating system or directly off the web using java web start!

Questions or comments? Check out the discussion forum.

To help get you started: some demo screenshots and saved files.

New Features in Version 4.0/4.1 (Screen shot on Left)

  • ECI plane grid visualization (3D) (v4.1)
  • Custom Satellite node to load ephemeris from a file (v4.1)
  • Many bug fixes (v4.0/4.1)
  • Increased accuracy in coordinate system transformations (v4.0)
  • New SGP4 Propagator based on the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) version [ref: Vallado 2008] (v4.0)
  • 3D sun shading effects (World Wind) (v4.0)
  • More 3D view options
  • Coordinate system selection for the satellite information dialog (J2000, TEME, MOD, TOD) (v4.0)
  • Relicenced under LGPL v3 (v4.0)
  • Saved files use zip compression resulting in significantly smaller file sizes (v4.0)
  • NOTE: File format has changed, this version will not open the saved scenarios from older versions.


Requires Java 1.6 - and uses NASA's World Wind Java SDK (included) and JOGL for 3D rendering (included for win).

  • Real-time and non-real time tracking modes
  • Orbital elements for over 3,000 satellites which are easily updated
  • Ground stations: 800+ built in and the ability to create custom locations
  • Tracking tool - includes tracking angles, polar plotting, and pass predictions (visible and radar) with elevation constraints
  • 2D ground track display
  • 3D globe with streamable high resolution imagery via NASA's World Wind SDK
  • Capture 3D animations
  • Custom Satellites using a mission designer interface with solver loops to allow for modeling of maneuvers
  • Custom high precision propagation - 4th, 8th, and adaptive 7-8th order Runge-Kutta methods
  • XML saving/loading of scenarios
  • Command console using BeanShell
  • Plugin capabilities using bean shell scripts
  • Remote command server (and client) for sending commands to the application remotely over a TCP/IP connection
  • Earth Coverage Analysis (screenshot, movie) (v3.2)
  • Create movies of any window or entire app (v3.2)
  • 3D model loader and new model centered view mode (ISS example) (v3.5)
  • Full screen exclusive mode for 3D windows (v3.5)
  • Nimbus look and feel support (screenshot) for java 1.6 update 10 or greater (v3.5)
  • More 2D map images and ability to load customized maps (v3.5)
  • Added 2D Earth lights night image effect (v3.5)
  • Run script without displaying GUI (v3.6)
  • TLE data importing and user defined datasets (see the readme in data/tle_user) (v3.7)


Current Version

Note: the executable download contains the JOGL binaries for 32-bit windows, if you are using a different platform please download the corresponding JOGL binaries and place them in the main folder.

For windows just download the above file, unzip, and run the .exe. To run the executable jar on any other OS download and install JOGL for your OS and run the jar with the following command line options: java -jar JSatTrak.jar -Djava.library.path="/path/to/jogl/Libraries/"

Old Versions

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