fredag den 3. juli 2009

A fantastic slippy app

Der bliver normalt ikke lagt nogle fingre imellem når der anmeldes kort applikationer på denne blog, men her er en applikation som i den grad har fået superlativerne til at flyde ... Jeg kunne dog desværre ikke checke siden da den var nede ...

Normally you get it raw and with no fine feelings get in between ... This is no exception except this time we only get smileys all the way ... Unfortunately the link to the app didn't work when I tried it ...


Private Beta

This is just one cool web mapping application. I think the possibilities for this down the road are endless.

This application, built by mySociety brings together OpenStreetMap data together with public transportation travel times, house prices and a value of how scenic the location is to your liking. All together in a great mashup of open source data, paid data and socially derived data.

I didn't play with the "Scenicness" factor too much - I was more than thrilled to be playing with the Traveline and Land Registry property sale information. [...]

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