fredag den 3. juli 2009

GIS Professionals Lead the GeoWeb Revolution

En revolution? Hvem er det vi skal vælte? Der er nok mere tale om evolution ... Et af de store af slagsen ;-)

A revolution? Who is being overthrown? It's more likely evolution ... One of the giant leaps ;-)


By Jack Dangermond, ESRI President

The adage "The Web changes everything" can be applied to many things, and GIS is no exception. Over the last several years, I have heard many predictions about Web mapping somehow making professional GIS less relevant. But in my experience I see something very different. I see the geospatially-enabled Web—the GeoWeb—as driving change that is very beneficial for both users and creators of geospatial information.

Geographic knowledge created in GIS environments is increasingly being made available to Web users, and consumer and commercial awareness of geospatial capabilities has grown tremendously. Whether it is the direct use of 3D map visualizations in newscasts, 'map mash-ups' on personal Web sites, or the broad implications of using interactive maps to visualize our communities and organizations, the geospatial industry has never before had this much attention focused on it. Leaders in government and industry understand the pivotal role that geographic knowledge can play in the decision making process. This increased attention is leading to open, more transparent access to geographic knowledge, and is also increasing the value of you: the GIS professionals responsible for creating the majority of the world's geographic knowledge. [...]

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