torsdag den 2. juli 2009

Open Source Web Based Geospatial Processing with OMAR

Et open source værktøj til distribution af luftfotos, video og vektordata ...

Open Source tool for distributing imagery, video and vectors ...


By Marc Lucas and Scott Bortman

[...] OMAR is a web based system for archival, retrieval, processing, and distribution of geospatial assets. Satellite and aerial images, vector sets, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video sets, as well as user generated tags and reference items can be easily searched and manipulated with the system. Searching can be performed on the basis of location, time, or any combination of the stored metadata. OMAR is unique in its ability to dynamically process raw materials and create value added products on the fly. Imagery is orthorectified (geometrically corrected), precision terrain corrected, and histogram stretched on demand. OMAR combines, fuses, or chips areas of interest according to the users needs. Geospatial assets can then be manipulated, viewed, and processed to provide a wide range of value added products. These products are delivered through several mechanisms:
  • a planned generated product that is distributed through ftp or email
  • results generated with a simple browser interface
  • open standards and interfaces such as the Open Geospatial Consortium's web map service (WMS), web feature service (WFS), and web coverage service (WCS), as well as tiling services (TileCache)
OMAR is under active development through US Government funding. OSSIM and OMAR development is being funded by a number of intelligence and defense agencies including the Department of Defense, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. While there are plugin modules that are classified, the OSSIM project is managed and maintained on the Internet in an unclassified environment.

OMAR integrates several OSS solutions to provide an online dynamic processing solution.
OpenLayers for dynamic mapping, PostGIS for the Postgres database, theGRAILS web framework, and OSSIM are a few of the technologies that are used. [...]

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