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Standard Architecture for the GeoWeb: Give it a REST

Faldt over denne blog og jeg må sige at den er interessant læsning. REST, GeoWeb, og der ud af ... få overblik og indblik ...

Found this blog and do I like it ... Good reading ... REST, the GeoWeb and the likes ...


The Geospatial Web, the current darling of location based technologies and neogeography, has been variously described as:

  • web mapping – the generation and publication of highly performant web applications that include a map
  • mashups – combining spatial data with abstract information to produce novel representations
  • a distributed GIS for the web – essentially the combination of elements of traditional GIS technologies with advanced web development tools
  • equivalent or synonymous with relatively new technologies such as Google Earth, Microsoft Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc.
  • communal or user-generated geospatial content

While each of these descriptions is both incomplete and an oversimplification, I assert that at its core the GeoWeb is a technical foundation of information services and collaborative tools built upon or merged with data that provide a spatial context…a location. It is indeed shiny “slippy” maps, Web 2.0 application layouts, nano-formats, mashups, LBS, service-based spatial information sharing, but it is also the hardware, software, information architecture, advanced web application techniques, and people who come together to make such an organic endeavor possible. [...]

Read more: http://briannoyle.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/standard-architecture-for-the-geoweb-give-it-a-rest/

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