fredag den 3. juli 2009


Kortet er grimt som bare pokker, men indholdet og ideen er helt i top! Endnu et bevis på at det er indholdet og ikke indpakningen som fører til succesen ...

The map is ugly like h... but the content and the idea behind are just great! Yet another proof that is is contant rather than nice wrapping that leads to succes ...


FixMyStreet poster

FixMyStreet gets your street fixed.

Enter your postcode, stick a pin in the map, type in your problem and zoom! off it goes to the council. It’s so simple that getting on for 25,000 problems have been reported through it so far.

FixMyStreet does a whole lot more than this though.

It lets you browse the problems currently reported in your area.

It lets you set up email or RSS alerts to be told when problems get reported within a radius of your house or workplace, or within your ward or council.

It provides posters and flyers (made by one of our volunteers, Ayesha) that you can use to tell people about the service, and encourage them to ger their streets fixed.

It is built on open source code, for people who want to hack versions in other countries, and we can build bespoke, rebranded versions for councils and charities who want it here in the UK.

It was built mainly by Matthew Somerville who rocks, and partly by Chris Lightfoot, who did.

And most important of all, it works.

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