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The GIS Management Handbook


Author: Peter L. Croswell, PMP, GISP, ASPRS-MS
Published by Kessey Dewitt Publications in association with URISA
Hardcover, 320pp, 8½ X 11, ISBN13: 978-0-9824093-0-5

The book is comprehensive guide and reference to the field of GIS management. It provides practical information on the development, implementation, and operation of GIS programs and projects and is valuable resource for seasoned and new GIS managers and aspiring managers. IT managers with a requirement to understand more about GIS programs in their organizations will benefit from this book as will providers of technical and management services needing to learn more about the GIS programs they serve. The book is also a useful reference for academicians and students studying or researching GIS management issues.

This book takes a practical approach providing clear descriptions of concepts, issues, and practices that may be used in operational settings, in public and private sector organizations to improve and maximize the efficiency of GIS programs and projects. The book will cover all pertinent topics including: a) organizational structures, b) program governance, c) strategic and implementation planning, d) project planning and management, e) financial management, f) human resources and team building, g) legal concerns, policies and standards, h) technical management and administration, j) GIS office operations. Many real-world examples are provided and appendices provide detailed examples of management tools and documents that can be used by GIS managers. A full section on “additional resources” provides an excellent guide to GIS and IT organizations, web sites, publications, and well-organized set of suggested readings.

I have written this book to serve as a guide and resource for GIS managers and staff. My intention is to provide GIS professionals and researchers with a tool to make them more effective, to support organizational improvements, and to deliver increased benefits to GIS user communities. - Peter Croswell

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