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2009 ESRI International User Conference - Session Tracks & Descriptions

Bemærk at der er et MAS (Enterprise Mashups) track i år ... 

Notice the MAS (Enterprise Mashups) track this year ...



APD   Application Development
This track features GIS in design, architecture, and implementation strategies for desktop, enterprise, mobile, and Web-based applications.

CRT   Cartography and Map Production
This track explores topics ranging from map production workflows, cartographic geoprocessing, and thematic mapping to specific techniques for producing maps.

DBM   Database Design, Automation, and Management
This track focuses on database design, development, and implementation of GIS projects, including requirement analysis, data collection, data integration, and technical management.

MAS   Enterprise Mashups New
Check back for track description.

MET   Metadata and Data Publishing
This track presents best practices in the collection, storage, and dissemination of metadata and/or geospatial data.

ORG   GIS Organization, Management, and Implementation
This track presents best practices for those who manage and administer a GIS within an organization, whether large or small, government or private, or new or mature.

RSI   Remote-Sensing Imagery
This track covers aerial photography, satellite imagery, multi- and hyperspectral imagery, photogrammetry, classification, sensor technology, and feature extraction from imagery. Theoretical techniques and real-world applications are discussed.

SDI   Spatial Data Infrastructure
This track focuses on technical architectures, data models, and interoperability for those who are exploring or are in the process of organizing GIS assets, whether in the public or private sector. Special attention is given to building global and national spatial data infrastructures across communities.

SYS   System Implementation for GIS
This track focuses on system architecture design, implementation project planning, GIS deployment into existing IT environments, and exploitation of GIS resources by the enterprise.

TEC   Technology Integration 
This track is focused on new solutions that utilize ESRI software in innovative ways in Web services, mobile mapping, 3D visualization, document management, and digital imaging. [...]

For a complete list follow the link below ...

Read more: http://www.esri.com/events/uc/submit_work/tracks.html

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