tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

New Cloud Computing model from Gartner

Er der ved at danne sig et mønster?

Is there an emerging pattern?


[...] I found the first of them - “Key Attributes Distinguish Cloud Computing Services” - quite basic but probably good if you are only getting started with cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service. It talks a little bit about the emergence of cloud computing and then goes into the key characteristics which set it aside from hosting and other earlier technologies:

  • Elasticity and scalability,
  • Delivery as a service and service boundary serving as the abstraction layer,
  • Ability to expose web services,
  • Ability to stack one service onto another (e.g. a start-up on top of Amazon EC2),
  • Being optimized for cloud environments with multitenancy and other techniques.

The second report - “Cloud Computing Services: A Model for Categorizing and Characterizing Capabilities Delivered From the Cloud” - is kind of going to the next level by trying to suggest an taxonomy of various cloud computing services.

Traditionally, everyone roughly agreed on three main layers of cloud solutions: [...]

Read more: http://cloudenterprise.info/2009/03/16/new-cloud-computing-model-from-gartner/

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