fredag den 20. marts 2009

Social Weather Mapping From Google Chrome Experiment

Har efterretningstjenesterne ikke gjort dette i årevis ?? Udskift vejr termer med 'terror' termer ...

Haven't intelligence services done this for years ?? Exchange weather terms with 'dangerous' terms ...



Social Weather Mapping From Google Chrome Experiment

In the promotion of its speedy javascript, Google announces the Chrome Experiment. As part of the Experiment, design group Use All Five give us Small Talk, which is a social weather map that uses tweets that contain terms like rainy and sunny. Circles are sized by number of tweets, and tweets are colored by dominant weather tweet, so what you get right now is very blue on the east and sort of orange in the west. Oh how I long for the sun.

The cool thing about this (and the other projects from Chrome Experiment) is that it's implemented in javascript. [...]

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