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Interactive maps as a journalistic tool

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Af Jesper Ishøj

During the past year Danish web media have begun to embrace the use of interactive maps as a tool in improving journalistic stories on the Internet. Interactive maps give web journalists unique new possibilities.

The Danish journal of spatial information “Perspektiv” has published a theme about communication and media. This article is my contribution. 

In this article I assess the influence of Google Maps on this development and the way US journalists have integrated the use of interactive maps into the US media. I will look at the impact on Danish journalism with the use of interactive maps and I will give my view on how interactive maps will become a powerful tool in communication.

When the committee behind the most prestigious annual Danish journalistic award, the Cavling Prize, announced the five nominees for 2008, one of the stories chosen had used Google Maps in a pivotal role.
The story in national newspaper Berlingske Tidende centred on a list of 75 incidents when police had not reacted to calls from the public. In some cases these incidents involved fatalities.

Under the headline “Did the police come when you called?” readers were urged to write to the newspaper if they had experienced that police had dismissed the need to react to an emergency call. [...]

Read more: http://www.geojournalistik.dk/2009/03/13/interactive-maps-as-a-journalistic-tool/

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