søndag den 22. marts 2009

Easy MVC Pattern for ESRI Flex API

Et pattern i mange forklædninger ...

A pattern for all ...


[...] Although there are a number of popular Flex MVC frameworks available (eg. CairngormpureMVCmateModel-Glue, among others) --these can be overkill for simple web mapping applications -- particularly for beginners. Ive found that many folks have chosen to avoid these what can be larger more complicated frameworks in favor of their own home-grown MVC solutions. I believe that can be a good option -- particularly for smaller projects.

Once such pattern is theEasyMVC pattern by Tom Bray. Be sure to check out the recorded seminarfor all the details. This is the MVC pattern that I use most frequently. In this post I have provided the ESRI Flex APIMapSwitcher sample using this pattern.

Here is the application in action as well as the application source. [...]

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