torsdag den 26. marts 2009

Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets a 3D Flight Simulator

Google Earth har haft en Flight Simulator længe, men denne her i VE ser ud til at være lidt mere fancy. På den anden side hvad skal folkene bag Flight Simulator ellers lave ...

Flight Simulators for Google Earth is not new but for VE it is. However, it seems like a fancy version this one ... But then again the guys behind Flight Simulator should have some new tasks to do ...


Andres Ferrate

Developer Richard Brundritt has created a new Flight Simulator plugin for Microsoft Virtual Earth (our Virtual Earth API profile) that uses the VE3D map control to provide a very cool user experience.

By leveraging the 3D API, Richard has managed to create the first flight simulation experience in Virtual Earth that puts users inside of a realistic cockpit, complete with controls and a visual readout of heading, pitch, altitude, latitude and longitude. Note that Navigation can be controlled via keyboard or XBox 360 control. [...]

Flight Simulator

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