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Looking Forward to a New Era in Web GIS

Ville Web 2.0 have været det samme uden GIS?

Would Web 2.0 have been the same without GIS?


When you think about the sheer number of Internet-based mapping applications being developed and distributed, it's clear that the public's interest in maps is at an all-time high. At the same time, awareness of the value of spatial intelligence is growing rapidly among government leaders and private sector executives. This is all good—as a GIS professional, you're in the map business and you understand better than anyone the value of spatial intelligence for informed decision making.

Still, getting a mandate to deploy a GIS-enabled Web mapping application can be challenging. The average GIS professional working today didn't learn how to create Web applications as part of their degree program.

In a recent ArcNews Online article, Jack Dangermond, ESRI founder and president, articulates his vision of the future of GIS on the Web, or Web GIS. Dangermond says:

Web GIS harnesses the power and reach of the Web and integrates the rich knowledge resources of GIS—authoritative databases, models, and spatial analysis. Web GIS goes far beyond simple visualization and mapping and provides access to full geographic knowledge to everyone. Over time, Web GIS will become an essential part of the infrastructure of society. 

Dangermond believes GIS professionals will play a key role in building this infrastructure.

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