onsdag den 18. marts 2009

GIS and MonsterQuest : Snowbeast Slaughter

Den afskyelige GISmand ..

American Yeti ...

Patterson bigfoot


MonsterQuest : Snowbeast Slaughter airs on Wednesday March 25 08:00 PM (MDT),History Channel

High in the rugged wilderness of Colorado's Rocky Mountains a large hairy creature is said to be preying on the elk and frightening residents. The stories date back centuries with the earliest settlers describing terrifying encounters with a large beast whose scream bellows across the hills. Even today ranchers and hikers report a monster they can't explain that may be attacking their horses. MonsterQuest will sift through the evidence and determine what may be killing the elk. The aerial search ascends to 11,000 ft in search of fresh evidence that could lead to the creature; as the ground team scales the side of Pikes Peak to hunt for the legendary Snowbeast.

GIS work done by the Pueblo County GIS Coordinator, Chris Markuson

Read more: http://blogs.esri.com/Info/blogs/gisedcom/archive/2009/03/18/gis-and-monsterquest-snowbeast-slaughter.aspx

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