lørdag den 28. marts 2009

Guide to the G20 Summit

Mouse over og bliv informeret ...

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The color scheme is as exciting as befits a meeting of heads of state from 20 large economies to discuss things like IMF policy and credit market liquidity. But it has interesting little snippets on what each of the parties wants to get out of the meeting. (To summarize: in the face of the economic crisis, Canada wants the US to do more; the US and Japan want Europe to do more; the UK wants everyone else to do more; Russia wants to hang out with the US and also undermine the dollar as a global reserve currency (very teenage girlish of them); Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina want more power; China wants to be left alone to pursue their gradual path towards world domination; Australia, oddly, also wants to help China pursue their gradual path towards world domination; and India wants to look pretty and gloat. Everyone else pretty much just wants more money.)

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