søndag den 22. marts 2009

Sun Microsystems Unveils Open Cloud Platform

IBM går efter SUN og SUN går efter Clouds ...

IBM wants SUN and SUN wants Clouds ...


As part of the company's commitment to building communities, Sun also announced the release of a core set of Open APIs, unveiled broad partner support for its cloud platform and demonstrated innovative features of the Sun Cloud. Sun is opening its cloud APIs for public review and comment, so that others building public and private clouds can easily design them for compatibility with the Sun Cloud. Sun's Cloud API specifications are published under the Creative Commons license, which essentially allows anyone to use them in any way. Developers will be able to deploy applications to the Sun Cloud immediately, by leveraging pre-packaged VMIs (virtual machine images) of Sun's open source software, eliminating the need to download, install and configure infrastructure software. To participate in the discussion and development of Sun's Cloud APIs, go to sun.com/cloud. [...]

Read more: http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/pr/2009-03/sunflash.20090318.2.xml

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