fredag den 27. marts 2009

Google Docs Gets a Drawing Program

Det måtte jo komme ...

Go figure ...


The Google Docs suite with its text, spreadsheets and presentation editors got a new tool: a vector drawing program. You may remember Tony hinted at this possibility here last month. You can try this feature by opening a new Google Docs document and clicking Insert -> Drawing. This will pop up an on-page window with a drawing canvas to which you can add things like lines, text, arrows, or shapes from a small object selection. The editor works very well, and you can flexibly adjust adjust colors, position, and size. Saving is done by hitting the X in the top right (that might be a bit odd, the first time), and then the drawing is integrated in your document (and can be edited once again later on if you want).

Google in a blog post gives a bit of background: [...]

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