tirsdag den 31. marts 2009

“Is Google Good for Geography?” “Is Microsoft Better for Geography?”

Hvor er geo webben på vej hen? På vej hen til dig og mig?

In what direction is the geoweb going? In yours or mine?


March 31st, 2009by Sean Gorman

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster starting in Las Vegas for the American Association of Geographers annual meeting and ending at Gov20Camp in Washington DC. In many ways the 2009 AAG meeting was a coming out party for the GeoWeb. There was a critical mass of presentations - well over twenty, and several respected figures discussing the GeoWeb’s impact on the traditional study of geography. Mike Goodchild’s talk onVolunteered Geographic Information (VGI) was packed and focused on the impact of several GeoWeb innovations ranging from OpenStreetMap to geotagged Flickr photos. Much of Goodchild’s work has been focused on the rigor (metadata, ground truthing etc.) of VGI, which despite skepticism is emerging with surprising levels of accuracy. [...]

Read more: http://blog.fortiusone.com/2009/03/31/notes-from-the-aag-is-google-good-for-geography-is-microsoft-better-for-geography/

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