tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

Ok, so what's coming in ArcGIS Explorer 900?

900 er den nye 480 ...

900 is the new 480 ...


There's a high level overview of what's coming in ArcGIS Explorer 900 that's recently been published on the ArcGIS Explorer Web pages on esri.com.

At the upcoming Business Partner Conference and Developer Summit we'll be hosting a presummit seminar and a double technical session detailing the 900 release.

You'll also get to see ArcGIS Explorer 900 during the plenary presentations, and also at the ESRI Showcase where you'll have an opportunity to meet and talk with the ArcGIS Explorer team.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you there, and talking in more detail about ArcGIS Explorer 900.

Read more: http://blogs.esri.com/Info/blogs/arcgisexplorerblog/archive/2009/03/16/ok-so-what-s-coming-in-arcgis-explorer-900.aspx

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