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Impressions from 2009 ESRI Business Partner Conference

En grundig gennemgang af dette års vel overståede ESRI konference i Palm Springs ...

A comprehensive report from this years ESRI conference in Palm Springs ...


Stu Rich


ArcGIS Explorer build 900 - OK so this is the one really sexy piece of technology that will be released in conjunction with the 9.3.1 product suite.  ArcGIS Explorer build 900 represents a revolutionary step change in geospatial viewers.  Until now, ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) seems to have been struggling to keep pace with Google Earth (GE) and as new capabilities were released in GE the AGX team would try to release something comparable.  The release of build 900 turns that whole dynamic on its head.  This release shows great vision.  To begin with, AGX 900 explodes the “geospatial bookmark” concept and provides a wonderful blend of geospatial viewer with presentation tool.  Think MS PowerPoint on steroids.  You can create a whole presentation that is based on a sequence of spatial bookmarks with associated data sources with the appropriate cartography so that you can really tell a compelling story with the tool.  In the hands of an already gifted story teller like Bernie Szukalski (AGX product manager) the product just sings.  Additionally, you can package up any of the “slides” in your story (essentially a spatial perspective along with a package of cartography and data sources) and email that “slide” as a “Layer Package” to anyone else in your community so that they can see your specific visualization of the problem.  Finally, you can easily alternate between a 2D and 3D visualization of your problem in a highly optimized rendering experience.  The demonstrated end-user experience was tremendous.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Beta.  Jeff Jackson and Andy McDonald  have really outdone themselves with AGX 900 proving that product innovation and creativity are repeatable qualities given the right organizational environment.

ArcGIS Server Performance.  It is no secret that ArcGIS Server has earned itself a poor reputation when it comes to performance.  There are a lot of ESRI customers that have refused to migrate off of their ArcIMS installations only because ArcIMS has consistently out-performed ArcGIS Server.  As my friend Steve Segarra likes to say, “there is nothing more important in software architecture design than elegance….  except performance”.  The ArcGIS Server team seems to have taken performance very seriously with this release.  I witnessed time and again sub-second refresh rates from ArcGIS Server with the kind of attractive cartography that you have come to expect from ArcGIS Server.  I will reserve final judgment until I get my hands on the final product, but my initial look at the new performance is very encouraging.

Microsoft Silverlight ADF. Last year ESRI got serious about supporting Adobe FLEX and now has a very mature FLEX ADF available for FLEX developers.  We have been Flash/FLEX developers for some time and love the work that Mansour and his team are doing with the FLEX ADF.  The addition of MS SilverLight to the family of ESRI application development frameworks presents some interesting new opportunities.  I think that for MS-specific server products like Exchange and Sharepoint, the availability of MS Silverlight to the arsenal may open up some interesting opportunities. 


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