onsdag den 25. marts 2009

Microsoft GeoSynth to take on Google Street View

Altid et skridt bagefter ...

Always a step behind ...


Microsoft plans to take on Google's Street View mapping feature with its own public-led offering, Pocket-lint has learnt. 

Although not due to be launched until later in the year, the company is planning on giving the public the chance to capture any location in HD with a merging of a yet to be announced application and its Virtual Earth mapping service. 

Called GeoSynth, the service will be based on the company's PhotoSynth technology and takes into account geographical data within images. 

Users will be able to upload geotagged images into a central database to help build detailed larger images of a given landmark in a similar way to how the company's PhotoSynth software works. [...]

Read more: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/news.phtml/23057/24081/microsoft-takes-on-google-streetview.phtml

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