fredag den 27. marts 2009

Searching for more than the point

Nu indekserer Google dine kort ... fremover må du forvente at også andre end dig og dine venner vil se dine kort ...

Google has started indexing your Google maps ... from now on it is no longer just you or your friends watching your maps ...


Over the past few years Google Maps users have created millions of maps using the My Maps feature. At the same time we have been busy scouring the web to find maps in other formats, like KML and GeoRSS, to include in our index. As you may have seen in the recent post about blended search results we have been including individual places from those maps in our results. Until now, however, there has been no easy way to find complete maps created by others. That changes this week, as we start to surface a link to these complete maps when we think they are relevant to your query. [...]

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