fredag den 27. marts 2009

Imagery and GIS: Integration Now, Integration in the Future

Spørgsmålet er om ikke www hele tiden har været GIS? Bare uden billeder til at begynde med ... men nu en uundværlig del af det hele ...

The question is if not the www all along has been GIS? The images just weren't there in he begining ... but now not to live without ...


We've all heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but GIS users know that image data (imagery) is priceless for understanding what is going on in the world and how the world is changing. From emergency planning and disaster response to environmental monitoring, the applications in which imagery plays a starring role are numerous and the demand for high-resolution imagery continues to grow, especially as the price for storage media continues to fall.

Typically, imagery workflows have occurred outside the GIS. But integration of imagery and image analysis workflows as a core component of an enterprise GIS system has been a hot topic lately.

In a recent interview published in GEOconnexion International magazine, Lawrie Jordan, ESRI director of imagery enterprise solutions, shared his thoughts on the future of imagery and enterprise GIS. Jordan says, "The integration of imagery into the core of GIS is a key strategic direction that we will see being taken in the future."

"Hard to get, hard to use, and very expensive"


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