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Inside the Metaverse

Når kommende generationer skal undervises kan det jo lige så godt foregå i cyberspace ...

When future generations are educated it might just as well be in cyberspace ... 


A "Second Life" for GIS Education
By Michael N. DeMers, New Mexico State University

This article as a PDF [PDF].

Learn more about teaching in Second Life in these three podcasts by the author—Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

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Dr. DeMers and some of his GIS students at New Mexico State University get together to study for lecture exams on Aggie Island in Second Life.

With online delivery of education becoming more prevalent, emerging technologies will have a profound and lasting impact on how GIS courses are taught in the near future. One such technology, the metaverse or digital universe, provides exciting possibilities for building learning communities, enhancing social presence, and creating shared intellectual landscapes than ever before.

One such world, called Second Life, is already providing opportunities for in-world discussions, project collaboration, GIS consulting, and even re-creation of real worlds inside the metaverse. Second Life is one of the better-known metaverses and has long been involved both in the development of a social network and the application of its digital environments to education.

Both free and paid accounts are available from the Second Life Web site (www.secondlife.com). After obtaining an account, choose an avatar name, download the client software, and enter the brave new digital world. Decide what the avatar will look like. Avatars can be male, female, or even furry. The next stop is Orientation Island to learn how to get around, do commerce, communicate, and even purchase land (with a paid account). [...]

Read more: http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/0109/2ndlife.html

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