torsdag den 19. marts 2009

NASA applies GIS to its inner spaces

Sådan et system kunne jeg godt bruge herhjemme ... Alt for mange ting og for mange projekter og alt for lidt plads og ingen tid ...

Such a system is much needed where I live ... Too much stuff and too many projects and far too little space and no time ...


By Patrick Marshall
The geographic information systems team at NASA's Langley Research Center is applying geospatial tools to the relatively mundane — but extremely important — task of finding more efficient ways to allocate space at the research facility.The team has developed a tool — so far tagged with the unglamorous name of Space Allocation Optimization — that can be used to perform complex analysis on factors for efficiently assigning workspaces. It also can display potential scenarios for managers to consider in making plans. 

The team first developed optimization algorithms that take into account any factors considered important in allocating space, including the proximity of key personnel, amount of space required, cost of utilities and relative cost of new construction [...]

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