onsdag den 27. august 2008

3 Top Data Formats for Map Mashups: KML, GeoRSS and GeoJSON

KML, GeoRSS eller GeoJSON?



Map mashups continue to mature in terms of sophistication and functionality, providing end users with an ever-expanding set of tools and applications. As a result, the intersection between traditional geospatial data and these new map mashups requires well defined ways to transfer, distribute, and consume geospatial data in a web-friendly way.

Some new geospatial data formats have emerged in response to this need, enabling a broad spectrum of users and developers to mashup information in a geographic context. Here is a rundown of the three primary formats for geo- mashup developers today:


Read more: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2008/08/27/3-top-data-formats-for-map-mashups-kml-georss-and-geojson/

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