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Building a Better World in GeoWeb 2008, Part 2

Dette er anden del af en meget spændende afdækning af GeoWeb 2008.

This is the second half of a very interessting article about the GeoWeb 2008.


The search for wisdom in digital cityscapes.

Jul 29, 2008

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, president and founder of Onuma, is an architect who's figured out a way to use interactive maps as platforms for planning and executing architectural projects ("The Summer of BIM," Tech Trends, April 1, 2008). He uses Google Earth as one of the visualization platforms for his collaborative design exercises, called BIMstorms. On Wednesday, July 24, Onuma met Google chief technology advocate Michael Jones in person at the GeoWeb conference (July 21-25, Vancouver, BC).

"I think the next technology merger in the industry will be CAD and GIS," Jones told Onuma. "That's the future of city planning, definitely in government approval processes."


Read more: http://gis.cadalyst.com/gis/News/Building-a-Better-World-in-GeoWeb-2008-Part-2/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/532611?contextCategoryId=6764

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