fredag den 29. august 2008

Will digital city models become one über model or separate models for specific domains?

På mange måder er vi her hjemme langt bagud når det gælder den digitale by model og den digitale forvaltning. Det er ikke mange år siden at jeg blev mødt med påstanden om at en given kommune nu var digital og at det ved nærmere eftersyn blot betød at lokalplanerne var omsat til PDF dokumenter - det er heldigvis ikke niveauet idag, meeeeen man savner stadig nogle flere visioner imod den digitale model for den digitale kommune.

In many ways Danish municipalities are far behind when it comes to digital city models and digitals business logic when servicing the people living in the municipalities. It is not so long ago that I was told that a municipality was now digitalized because it's local planning was converting from analogue text to PDF's. That is fortunately not the level of ambition today - still though I miss the visions and the courage to build the fully digital municipality.


Geoff Zeiss of Autodesk moderated a spark panel at the GeoWeb Conference, and one question he posed that’s stuck with me is whether digital city models would become an über model or many models for specific domains. There are many ways to look at this question. When considering an über model, there’s the issue of organization, and the need to determine whether the digital city will reside within an interoperable framework or as a central collective repository. Another way to look at this is to assess the different requirements of specific domains to determine if there’s a compelling need for separate modeling environments for different professions or workflows. The issue of ownership and governance of the model also comes into play, particularly in light of security-related issues, which will demand a level of centralized control.

There’s no easy means to build a digital city model for wide interaction and adoption. The number of potential users is equal to the number of citizens that inhabit our real-world cities, and competing and overlapping interests makes it an impossible task to address the issues of all users at once. A measured approach with good groundwork is necessary, and first and foremost is a workable business model.


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