onsdag den 27. august 2008

Tories commit $100 million over five years to map Arctic resource riches

Den globale opvarmning åbner op for nye områder med fossile brændstoffer som igen vil øge ... den globale opvarmning.

Global warming has opened new areas with vast resources of fossilized fuel which in turn will increase ... global warming.

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a major project to map geological resources in Canada's Arctic.

Declaring "use it or lose it" as the "first principle of Arctic sovereignty," Harper says the program will use geological sciences and technology to determine the North's development potential.

A total of $100 million has been set aside over the next five years to complete an on-shore geo-mapping exercise of the North.


"What we've found so far is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg," Harper said.

"Managed properly, Canada's share of this incredible endowment will fuel the prosperity of our country for generations. And geo-mapping will pave the way for the resource development of the future."


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