fredag den 22. august 2008

EarthBrowser web plugin satellite example

Klodernes kamp på nettet fortsætter. Store såvel som små kloder er begyndt at rotere på hjemmesiderne rundt omkring.

The globes are coming. Big and small globes rotates here and there and every where.


Here's the first public example of the EarthBrowser plugin, it requires Flash 9. it shows the current position of the International Space Station. Use your mouse wheel if you have one, or click the globe and use arrow keys to zoom out and see the Hubble Space Telescope and the TOPEX/Poseidon satellites.

This is a simple example with no extra datasets or interface elements and limited zooming. I hope to have the Javascript API available sometime next month.Imagine a zero-install, completely programmable virtual globe that understands KML on your website.

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