torsdag den 21. august 2008

ArcGIS Explorer 500 Released

AGX 480 var et hit, så 500 er næppe mindre seværdig. Der skulle også være en række forbedringer vedr. personalisering af AGX look'et samt en udvidet API.

AGX 480 was a hit - the 500 is probably even better. There should more possible ways to personalize the AGX look and the API has been extended.


The ArcGIS Explorer Team is pleased to announce that ArcGIS Explorer 500 was released just a few minutes ago.

This is an update release that includes:
  • Support for ArcGIS Online subscription services.
  • Proxy server support improvements.
  • A change to allow installation on machines running Windows 2000.

The new ArcGIS Explorer 500 home server files will be available later this week. For those that deploy ArcGIS Explorer from your own home server, you'll need to swap your versions and update your version.html file to push out the new release to your users.


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