lørdag den 30. august 2008

3D Printing For Everyone

Design, bestil og få en 3D udgave ...

Design, oder and get a 3D model ...


We discussed 3D printers and their potential use for geospatial products less than a year ago, but earlier this month Slashdot discussed how "cheap" 3D printing has become. Their summary: ""Technology Review has up an article about Shapeways, a new online rapid-prototyping service that allows users to upload digital designs which are then printed on 3-D printers and shipped back. A spinoff from Philips Research, the service gives small businesses, designers, artists, and hobbyists access to prototyping tools that were once available only to the largest corporations. The fee for a typical printed object is $50-$150. Their video shows the steps behind the process." We've been talking about 3D printing for years ."


Read more: http://technology.slashgeo.org/technology/08/08/29/2128227.shtml

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