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Photosynth Released - Now, Let's Mash it with Virtual Earth

I sidste uge frigav Microsoft PhotoSynth til fri afbenyttelse. Her er en artikel som udførligt fortæller hvordan du laver din første Synth. Jeg har en kollega som her i weekenden måtte ud og skyde en masse billeder - spændt på at se resultatet.

Last week Microsoft released PhotoSynth for public usage. Below is an article describing in detail how you make your first Synth. A collegue of mine has been out shooting images this weekend - can't wait to see the result.


First thing to do is take pictures - lots of pictures - the more the merrier. And, read the guide for how to take photos appropriate for creating synths. Once you've taken your photos, stick them in a directory on your hard drive - we'll need to know where they are when we create the synth. You'll need a Windows Live ID to get started, so set one up. You'll also need a profile on the Photosynth web site for storing your synths, so set that up too. Once you've got the logistics in (and, yes, download the software), fire up Photosynth. You'll see a screen like this (left). Give your synth a name and some tags. Click "Add Photos" and find your photos for a single synth. A single synth being the scene of one of your sets of pictures. So, your house, a local bar, a post office, whatever, as long as Photosynth can find relationships between the pictures you'll be golden. Next, select a thumbnail for your synth by selecting any photo in the collection and clicking "Use Selected Photo." This will be used in the gallery by those browsing synths. Then, select a "Creative Commons License." Once you've got that setup, click the "Synth" button at the bottom. Photosynther will start churning away at your photos to create your synth. The status box will appear as it cranks out your synth. While you wait for that synth to be created and uploaded you can start work on another synth. No need to wait for that one to finish in order to use Photosynther again, but you will have to wait until it's done processing before you begin processing another one.


Read more: http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/08/20/photosynth-released-now-let-s-mash-it-with-virtual-earth.aspx

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