onsdag den 27. august 2008

HAWX to Feature IKONOS Satellite Imagery on PS3, Xbox 360

Så kan den indbyggede flight simulator i Google Earth gpdt gå hjem og lægge sig ...

The built in flight simulator in Google Earth has found its match ...


Ubisoft has enlisted the help of GeoEye, a provider of satellite, aerial and geospatial information, to build the terrain maps for Tom Clancy's HAWX air combat game on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ubisoft's HAWX team is using information shot from the IKONOS satellite to put directly into HAWX's 16 international locations including Rio de Janeiro, Cape Canaveral and the Middle East.

The team also worked with the United States Geological Service (USGS) and Center for Earth Resources Observations and Science (EROS) to understand the concept of topographical 'underpinning' to create a realistic representation of the earth.


Read more: http://www.thehdroom.com/news/HAWX_to_Feature_IKONOS_Satellite_Imagery_on_PS3_Xbox_360/3359

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