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A GeoWeb Use Case

GeoWeb eller WebGIS ...

GeoWeb or WebGIS ...


Sean Gillies has problems with GeoWeb as a term. Others have been getting annoyed about the professional vs. amateur labels.

Names can be such limiting things, especially when we’re experiencing something (or someone) for the first time. I think we should apply names loosely and focus more on the use-cases that desribe actors and what they do.

So here is a rough cut of a a use case I’d like to see supported some day.

The Actors

  • Web Host - hosts geodata and applications
  • GIS Programmer - writes geoprocessing components.
  • DataVendor - sells data services through a
  • Web HostAnalyst - builds models from components and datasets
  • Viewer - runs web apps built by Analysts.
  • Advertiser - chooses web apps to advertise on.


Read more: http://ambergis.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/a-geoweb-use-case-for-lack-of-a-better-name/

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